Finding a flat

I promised to myself that I would write a bit more in here, let’s see how long I can keep this up. I give myself two weeks tops 😉

Right now we’re in Thuringia, visiting Carola’s family for the weekend. I love staying with them, her family is so nice and sweet. Made me feel at home instantly, and that with me having difficulties warming up with strangers. Today we will go see a soccer game of the local team. Looking forward to that, since it’s always very exciting.
We will drive back home to Augsburg tonight, since we have a meeting about a flat tomorrow. We already looked at it last week and really want to have it (like so many before, but this is definitely the best of all we’ve seen so far!). Tomorrow we’re going to meet up with the landlord, because he wants to meet us and get to know us. Please cross your fingers!

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