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It’s all over now

Had my last exam today, so now I’m a full blown travel agent. I should be really happy about it, but for some reason I’m not. I mean it’s great and all, but it also means goodbye. On Saturday I will be out of here. And I will leave behind some new friends that I will really miss. It’s quite sad. I will try to stay in contact with them, but you know how it goes. Contact will get rare […]


I got my school grade report today and I’m absolutely speechless. I’m second best in my class. Not only did I get a certificate for outstanding achievements, but I also got a gift coupon worth 12 Euro for a book of my choice. Only two people in my class got that. I’m so happy, this is just amazing. Through the final exams I was actually able to up my accounting grade to a 1 (equals an A). My average is […]