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Home for the weekend

So, I went home for the weekend. My mom didn’t last long and got a dog from the pound just a few days ago. Her name is Eva and she’s a tricolored Collie. Very adorable, but a little slow and a little fat. She will need to lose about 15 pounds or so. Her previous owner was an old lady who obviously spoiled her with food and wasn’t able to go on long walks with her. But she is a […]

New stuff!

Last week was really nerve-wrecking for me. At work they decided to put me into yet another department. And I really really didn’t want that for several reasons. I was annoyed and pissed off ever since I was told. On Friday I went to talk to my boss again (not the big bossman!) and told him that I didn’t want to go into the new department. And while I still have to work for Foxy Bingo Promo Code, things have […]