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CSD in Berlin

That’s where I was this weekend. And it was awesome! I drove to Berlin with my friend/colleague Carola. We made a stop at her parent’s place on the way there. In Berlin we stayed with a gay couple, I booked that through a website for private accommodation for gays and lesbians in big cities. They were really nice and the room too. We lived right in the gay area and only a few steps from the parade. The weather wasn’t […]

The Perfume

I just came home from seeing this movie and I have to say that it isn’t at all as I have expected it to be. I’ve read several critics that tore the movie apart. Not having read the book (Yet! Definitely gonna do that now) I thought it wouldn’t be as bad as they made it to be. Even though I don’t agree with the points those critics made I can’t say that I enjoyed the movie. They said that […]