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Update on my life

Carola keeps complaining that I don’t write anything on my blog. Well, here’s to proving her wrong. 😉 Ok, ok, she is not wrong, but yeah, my inspiration to write isn’t very high. So what’s new? Carola had a big fight with her flatmate and now she’s gonna move in with me in 2 weeks. She keeps warning me, but I’m looking forward to us living together. It’s nothing final though, since we don’t know what happens once she’s finished […]

Wicked was wicked awesome!

Carola and I went to see Wicked last night, and it was amazing! I really enjoyed the musical a lot, and it might just become a new favorite. Ok, nothing can top Elisabeth, but Wicked is coming close second. The performances were great, the music was awesome. It gave “The Wizard of Oz” a very interesting new twist. I will have to watch that again soon.