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So weird

Yesterday I spent almost 5 hours at my hairstylist…yeap, almost 5 hours! Well, he had a big job to do. He just looked at me with wide eyes when he saw I had died my hair black, and lots of it was already grown out. When I told him I want to have red hair again he asked how much of my hair length I want to keep the size I have his eyes got even wider. But yeap, they […]

A different movie experience

I was at the movies with my mom tonight. I’ve never been to that theater before, they only show 3 movies at a time, very small everything.Anyway, we saw this documentation, the english title is “To have and to be”. It’s a wodnerful documentation about those small schools with only one class in the French countryside. Of course the movie was all in French, translation would’ve just hurt this masterpiece. Luckily they had subtitles though. 🙂 I was very surprised […]