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My books

I just uploaded a list of my owned books. You can find it here. Generated it with a script, and still have to figure out how to sort it. It should be sorted by authors, but somehow it all doesn’t look right. I’ll try to change all the authors to Last Name, First Name. Maybe that works. 🙂 This is only a list of all my English books. Didn’t add my German books. And yes, some of these are a […]

Mamma Mia I’m going to see Olegg again!

So this is actually a combination of two musicals. Mamma Mia! and Elisabeth. I saw Mamma Mia! last night with my mom, for the first time in German. I’ve seen it in NYC last summer, and can say that the shows are identical, same set, even the actors look very similar. Well, at least the German Sam looked a lot like the US Sam. It doesn’t really matter that the songs are in German, even though I know them in […]