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You know, this Free For All Friday, I am actually going to try to make an effort to post on as many blogs as possible. Normally, I only manage to visit one or two, feel like I’m repeating myself horribly, and then decide to stop. Oops! As for the WordPress posting privileges thingy, I did exactly the same thing with FFAF over at my blog, eep. Still getting used to 1.5! 😉

No direct-linkin in Spanish

Hi, This is Calítoe.:., at Your “Don’t direct link” is pretty useful, but the Spanish translation (no offense intended for the translator) would leave a Spanish native speaker as clueless as before. Here’s my suggested translation: Enlazar directamente (direct-linking) es el acto por el cual una persona enlaza directamente a una imagen o a cualquier objeto del sitio de otra simplemente usando el URL de la localización real del objeto. De este modo, los que enlazan directamente no tienen […]