Back online

I haven’t had internet access for almost a month, and while it wasn’t too bad for the first two weeks, since I had to work all day anyway, it was a bit annoying the rest of the time while not working. Yes, unbelievable but true, I had a little over two weeks of vacation! Today is my last day and I’m getting ready to make some cakes for my colleagues, since it was my birthday last week. Will make two cakes and some muffins. Hopefully they’ll like it. 🙂
Got my best birthday present from Carola, tickets to see Wicked in Stuttgart on November 24th!! I’m soo looking forward to finally seeing it. Especially since I didn’t get a chance when I was in New York. Awesome idea! <3 <3

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  1. Cathrine says:

    Welcome back, and happy belated birthday! What a lovely gift from Carola ^^

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