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Project 2,996 – Tribute for Edward W. Schunk

Edward W. Schunk * April 6th, 1947     † September 11th, 2001 “He would be walking this John Wayne walk. He was the best-looking man getting off that train, because he would just glow.” ~ Lisa Schunk Edward W. Schunk was 54 years old and worked for Cantor Fitzgerald as a bond broker. Cantor Fitzgerald was located in One World Trade Center and lost 658 employees the day of the attacks, among them Edward. He and his wife Lisa lived […]

Looooong Post

So this will be an unusual entry. Why? I’m sitting at a small train station at the moment, writing my entry with pen and paper. I will type it up later to post it on my blog. I think it’s time to tell you something about my “new” life. I started my new job on Tuesday last week. To my surprise I already knew the two people starting with me. They were both at the application workshop with me. Katrin […]

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